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Policy Briefs

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Challenges to International Policy
Loveleena Sharma
The conflict that had been shaped by the international policy of expansion and colonialism, now in turn affects the international policy itself substantially. Israel-Palestine conflict was once used by the major powers as the controlling weapon of the middle east region, but has now turned the tables other way around.
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Automobile Pollution: What is our stand?
Dimple Singh
The study by Chittaranjan Cancer Institute and Environment Biology Laboratory, Department of Zoology of Kolkata University between November 1997 & May 1999, reveals that 43% of children in Kolkata are suffering from respiratory disorders compared to 44% among dual children.
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Modi’s South Asian Policy
Loveleena Sharma
Politics have turned to a incipient page with the advent of new leadership in India. Mr. Modi sweeps majority votes in the 2014 elections, thus establishing as the Prime Minister of India. With new leaders, comes a new policy and new methods to implement them. Click here to read more.

Alternate Dispute Resolution System: An Introductory Article
Dimple Singh
The first thing we are taught in life is to respect, friends, family, ourselves and all in the society. This entire cycle of respect gives us the terminology of rights and duties and to have these in place Justice came into light. This is the origin of law in our society in laymen’s term but law is much more than this, and one of its aspects is equality before law, which is the foundation of this entire brief. Click here to read more.

The Union of Right to Equality & Reservations in India
Dimple Singh
All societies are unequal societies, but in the West, economic inequalities dominate over status inequalities. Individuals of whatever class are presumed to be socially equal as members of the society. However in the present scenario of India discrimination on the grounds of class are not classes but unfortunately caste. Click here to read more.