Samvaad 2015

Samvaad is a platform where distinguished luminaries from the fields of politics, business, academia, entertainment, journalism and sports will come together and share the stage with the leaders of tomorrow, engaging them in a dialogue while motivating them to reach out to their paramount potential in pursuit of solutions to the challenges that besiege the world.It aims to foster leadership qualities amongst students and young professionals by opening a cross-cultural dialogue on issues of national and international relevance.

This is an initiative by the Model Governance Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit and non-political organization working for national integration, communal harmony and inclusive development. Our key areas of intervention are administrative reforms, education, environment, healthcare, legal reforms, skill development and women empowerment. We organize events, conduct research and provide consultancy on key issues in governance, public policy and law.


The Lucknow Conclave

The Lucknow Conclave is a platform, where leaders of tomorrow discuss and further develop their ideas into reality. It aims to foster leadership qualities amongst students and young professionals by opening a cross-cultural dialogue on issues of global relevance.

Participants will be inspired by – and learn from – speakers who are eminent public figures in politics, business, academia, entertainment, journalism, sports and the NGO sphere.

The Conclave will equip young leaders of tomorrow as responsive, conscious, altruistic and efficacious global citizens empowered to make positive changes in our society.

It is an event for students and young professionals to understand more clearly complex global issues like education, entrepreneurship, governance, healthcare and management, think critically about their responses, and discuss ways in which they can contribute meaningfully to a more secure, just and sustainable future.


Wake Up and Vote India

Model Governance Foundation with the aim to increase political participation have taken this initiative to urge people to go out and vote in the upcoming State Assemblies and the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In any democracy, the right to vote and elect our representatives is a great privilege. India fought for years to gain independence. Why should we now be enslaved all over again by mediocre and corrupt leaders? People underestimate and often take for granted this right and duty bestowed on the citizens of India to elect our own representatives to run the country.

So wake up and vote India!

World Law Dialogue 

A global platform for young people from around the world to come together and debate on issues of prime concern facing the world. The first edition of dialogue will take place from 29th – 31st August, 2013 at Dharwad, India. Organized by Alexis Centre for Study and Research in Law at Karnatak University’s Sir Siddappa Kambali Law College, Dharwad.

The dialogue will have 100 Delegates from around the world who will be divided into 5 Working Groups to engage in 3 Days of Intense Discussions and Legislation Drafting. Focus Areas of the Working Groups are Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, International Relations and Women Empowerment.

The dialogue will have both Formal and Informal Events. Formal Events include Keynote Presentations, Participant Presentations, Panel Discussions, Focus Group Sessions and Action Group Meetings. Informal Events include Global Village, Cultural Night, Fashion Show, Dance and Musical Performances.


Gaon Chaley Hum

It is the flagship rural immersion program of Alexis Foundation to be held from 5th to 7th April, 2013 at Jhansi. Model Governance Foundation, YUVA Foundation, and Development Alternatives are our partners for the 2013 program.

20 selected delegates from around the world will embark on a life changing journey to the Bundelkhand region of India for exploring village life, rural livelihoods, rain water harvesting etc.


Global Ethics and Values Convention

The 1st Global Ethics and Values Convention will be held from 16th to 18th December, 2012 in Greater Noida, fastest growing educational, industrial and outsourcing hub situated on the outskirts of New Delhi.

It will be a 3-day fully residential event to discuss, learn and share about Ethics and Values. It will focus on Best Practices from India and around the World. It aims at fostering healthy and productive interdisciplinary interactions among the delegates. It will attract ministerial officials, policy makers, business leaders, heads of universities and colleges, senior academic staff, representatives of NGOs, journalists, students and impassioned visionaries from all over the world.

The presentations during convention will cover three domains: Business, Social and Political. Delegates from around the world will be given an opportunity to present their views on Impact of Values on Sustainability, Inclusive Leadership and Community Building.

The Keynote Address on Significance of Ancient Lessons in Shaping the Future aims to provide an insight on traditional approaches to solve the modern day problems. An Interactive Session with Youth Speakers will help the delegates to discuss about the challenges and opportunities in today’s world.

The convention will also host three high profile Panel Discussions:

  • Developing Ethical Leadership in a Globalized World.
  • Integrating Spirituality, Ethics, Values and Law.
  • Towards an Interdisciplinary Global Code of Ethics and Values.

Cultural Night, Talent Night and Gala Dinner will provide a perfect ending to each day of intense debate, discussions, presentations and soul searching.

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