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The Monkey Selfie Case

The ‘monkey selfie’ has become an internet sensation ever since the pictures of smiling Naruto appeared on the internet nearly five years ago. Five years down the line, the topic remains sensational in the light of the legal battle fought between PETA and David Slater, the British photographer claiming copyright; thereby raising important questions relating […]

Acid Attacks: Major Concerns and Solutions

Acid attacks, which involve a deliberate act of throwing a toxic substance on the body of a person, are becoming more and more frequent in India. These attacks that are mostly targeted at women, are an attempt to exert control over a woman’s body in a largely patriarchal society. According to a research by the […]

Are the Transnational Corporations unstoppable human right violators?

The birth of globalization was followed by the emergence of the international actor -Transnational Corporations (TNCs) worldwide that established interwoven relationships with the society creating unapparent and unexpected consequences. TNCs are the mammoths of the modern globalized day with enormous international political and economical influence. The combined revenues and sales of a few top Transnational […]

System of Caste Based Reservations in India – An Overview

The protest by the Patidars in Gujarat for their inclusion in the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) list, which would have made them eligible for reservations and other state benefits, has been going on for quite a long time now. While not commenting on the above agitation particularly, I have used this blog post as an […]

Face-Off: The Rasgulla Battle between West Bengal and Odisha

When our favourite sweet becomes the centre of a controversy, our attention is bound to be wholly devoted to that. The battle between the states of Odisha and West Bengal over the ‘rasgulla’ may signify strong sentimental values people attach to their much loved sweet, it also seems to be a case of a battle […]

Commercial Surrogacy in India

Tusshar Kapoor was all over the news last month for his decision to become a single father through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), a first in Bollywood. While some hailed him for his bold move, his decision also rekindled the age- old debate on commercial surrogacy in India. Commercial surrogacy is the practice whereby a woman […]

The JNU Conundrum

JNU, the acronym of the premier Jawaharlal Nehru University has been the centre of unwanted and despised attention in Indian politics lately. Why is it so? Sections of waylaid students and teachers of this so-called prestigious university have been allegedly found involved in ‘anti-national’ activities by protesting within the precincts of the JNU campus the […]

Dalit Atrocities and Jurisprudence

“Our outrage is not enough. We must take real and focused action to mend our societies’ dramatic failure to support the rights of people of discriminated classes.”– Navi Pillay India is a culturally diverse nation, composed of numerous languages, religions,  traditions etc. This heterogeneous nature of the society defines India and is its biggest strength. […]

Human Trafficking

A grave offence, trafficking in persons is broadly defined as a type of contemporary slavery comprising the use of violence, force, deception and coercion by traffickers in order to dominate their victims. The existence of the elements of force, violence and coercion espouses that there was no free consent given by the victim.A heinous violation […]

An Artificial Ethos: Between India and Bharat

The debate between India and Bharat has fought in various shades, over various times and over different parts of what we refer today as the Republic of India. So much has been written about it that the debate is now littered with clichés and political rhetoric. Sharad Joshi, writing for the Hindu Business line also […]

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