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Kashmir is an integral part of India! Azaadi from what?

The dining table erupted with a predictable debate. Aroused by the taste of the traditionally cooked meat, and, in the momentary infatuation to argue, I touched the subject of AFSPA. So did the other members on the dining table. “Kashmir is an integral part of India! Azaadi? Azaadi from what?” Challenged my guests to the […]

A successful story of food self-sufficiency in Africa

In this article I will be having a look at Africa’s attempt to tackle the question of persistent and chronic food insecurity with particular focus on Malawi’s implementation of the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP). The implementation of the program since 2005 has transformed Malawi from being heavily dependent on either food aid or commercial […]

Iran Nuclear Deal

Amid conflicting views and opinions the ‘historic’ agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council members, including Germany, and the EU) took place on 14th July, 2015 in Vienna over Iran’s Nuclear Deal Framework, a deal that took years in the making. Ever since […]

Alexis Research: Online Internship cum Recruitment Programme

Alexis Research is an autonomous research agency under the aegis of Alexis Foundation. Our mission is to enable businesses, individuals, organizations, and society as a whole to solve the most pressing problems faced by them by achieving cross-functional synergy through effective use of data-analytics, literature, legal framework, strategy, and digital and social media tools. We […]

The Battle for Euthanasia

The word Euthanasia comes from the Greek words Eu (good) and Thanatos (death), meaning ‘good-death’ or ‘dying well’. The concept of Euthanasia dates back to ancient civilization. The concept of Euthanasia is highly questioned. The controversy is very deceptive, raising questions whether people should be provided assistance in ending their life, or should be left […]

Not a Toothless Tiger to Secure our Children’s Future, Please!

Unfortunately, personality-centric rather than policy-centric political discourse dominates in our part of the world. While the integrity and honesty of our politicians and their not speaking a divisive language tantamount to appeasing majority or minority is certainly important, real public policy initiatives remain largely neglected in the mainstream media and public imagination. Speaking of education, […]

Marital Rape: An Oxymoron?

“What is marital rape?” my sister enquired even before I had opened my eyes. It was 7:09 am sharp. She had a newspaper in her hand and a big question mark on her face. “Good morning”, I said. “Forget that, answer me”, she retorted back. “It’s a type of rape”, I said. The question mark […]

Importance of Attending Conferences for an Engineer

Every journey has an end and it is actually the end which justifies the means. There has to be something endearing in the end to induce someone into doing something. As a student of engineering, a question may arise in a person’s mind as to why should they at all care about attending a conference, […]

India’s Energy Policy

Energy is needed for economic growth, for improving the quality of life and for increasing opportunities for development. Ensuring life line supply of clean energy to all is essential for nurturing inclusive growth, meeting the millennium development goals and raising India’s human development index that compares poorly with several countries that are currently below India’s level […]

Law and Surrogacy in the Modern World in Comparison with India

For several people, having a family and a child is bliss and the ultimate dream. Unfortunately, for some people, the inability to give birth is very heartbreaking and destroys their future plans. This is where surrogacy comes into play. Surrogate motherhood is when a woman carries and bears another person(s) child but does not have […]

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