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Family Courts in India: An Overview

Marital issues and child welfare matters have been threatening the well being of the society since many years now. The number of litigation cases related to the institution of marriage and child security has been on the rise in courts all over India. Due to the mammoth backlog of cases in the Courts in India, […]

Dalit Atrocities and Jurisprudence

“Our outrage is not enough. We must take real and focused action to mend our societies’ dramatic failure to support the rights of people of discriminated classes.”– Navi Pillay India is a culturally diverse nation, composed of numerous languages, religions,  traditions etc. This heterogeneous nature of the society defines India and is its biggest strength. […]

CSR as an Emerging Approach to Promoting Integrity and Corporate Governance

Introduction “Business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility to its shareholders; a responsibility to a broader constituency that includes its key stakeholders: customers, employee, NGOs, government – the people of the communities in which it operates.” – Courtney Pratt, Former CEO Toronto Hydro. Ecology and economy are both derived from the Greek word oikos, which […]

Punitive Policies Vis-À-Vis Societal Reaction

ABSTRACT This paper is analysis of the contemporary problems the Indian society is facing with respect to punitive policies. In the recent past, the Government has carried out the executions of two famous convicts, namely Ajmal Amir Kasab (the Mumbai 26/11 sole surviving terrorist) and that of the 2001 Parliament Attack convict Afzal Guru. As […]

Can delay in execution of death sentence render it unconstitutional?

Abstract Capital punishment, or the death sentence is a process established by law, as per which a person committing a heinous crime is put to death by the State as a punishment for his act. The motive behind such punishment is the deterrence and retribution of crime in the society. Death sentence in itself is […]

Call for Papers

Alexis Foundation hereby invites original research papers on the following themes for publication in a book series: Theme 1 – War, Terrorism and National Security Sub-Themes 1. Forms of Terrorism that have plagued the world 2. New forms of warfare e.g. Cyber etc and measures to counter them 3. Using National Security to violate/oppress the […]

Is it required to disclose the whistle-blower’s identity?

In the case of Manoj H. Mishra v. Union of India[1] the Court enunciated that a whistleblower is a person whose primary motive is to make disclosure in public interest and not merely for seeking publicity There have been various cases in which disclosure of a whistleblowers identity is questioned. There are two schools of […]

Need of Uniform Civil Code for Unification of India

India is a vast country with 1.28 billion people, spread over 3270000 sq. kms. It has 22 official languages and other 1527 unofficial languages, which is a very unique thing. The country inhibits people from various religions out of which, there are 7 major religions and 4 of them, took birth in the country itself. […]

Uniform Civil Code: Questioning India’s Definition Of Secularism

The Directive Principle of State policy gives us Article 44 –The Uniform Civil Code which  states “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”. The Directive Principles are mere guidelines to states and are not enforceable in courts of law if they are not fulfilled […]

Land to the tiller?

“The single biggest security challenge ever faced by our country”, these were the words used by our former prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh to describe Naxalites. Before we start, let me tell you what this is not. This is not a Wikipedia page providing information on the Naxals. This is not an article which provides […]

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