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Face-Off: The Rasgulla Battle between West Bengal and Odisha

When our favourite sweet becomes the centre of a controversy, our attention is bound to be wholly devoted to that. The battle between the states of Odisha and West Bengal over the ‘rasgulla’ may signify strong sentimental values people attach to their much loved sweet, it also seems to be a case of a battle […]

Clothing and equipment guidelines of international sports bodies vis-a-vis religious practices and beliefs of participating athletes

To what extent, if any, should clothing and equipment guidelines of international sports bodies accommodate religious practices and beliefs of participating athletes? In his book “Beyond the pleasure principle”[1] Neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud had studied a two year old boy in Vienna. The mother of the child travelled often and usually, the […]

Call for Papers

Alexis Foundation hereby invites original research papers on the following themes for publication in a book series: Theme 1 – War, Terrorism and National Security Sub-Themes 1. Forms of Terrorism that have plagued the world 2. New forms of warfare e.g. Cyber etc and measures to counter them 3. Using National Security to violate/oppress the […]

Need of Uniform Civil Code for Unification of India

India is a vast country with 1.28 billion people, spread over 3270000 sq. kms. It has 22 official languages and other 1527 unofficial languages, which is a very unique thing. The country inhibits people from various religions out of which, there are 7 major religions and 4 of them, took birth in the country itself. […]

Uniform Civil Code: Questioning India’s Definition Of Secularism

The Directive Principle of State policy gives us Article 44 –The Uniform Civil Code which  states “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”. The Directive Principles are mere guidelines to states and are not enforceable in courts of law if they are not fulfilled […]

Caste Conflict – Is it there in 21st Century India?

Caste as defined by Oxford dictionary means hereditary classes of Hindu society. In ancient times castes were determined by the professional capabilities of an individual. The concept faced immense distortion and now means a hereditary class leading to competitions, conflicts, disagreement and dissatisfaction. It propelled in widening the gap between communities. Situations worsened with excessive […]

Kashmir is an integral part of India! Azaadi from what?

The dining table erupted with a predictable debate. Aroused by the taste of the traditionally cooked meat, and, in the momentary infatuation to argue, I touched the subject of AFSPA. So did the other members on the dining table. “Kashmir is an integral part of India! Azaadi? Azaadi from what?” Challenged my guests to the […]

The last African colony

Western Sahara, still technically a Spanish colony, is humanitarian crisis that has been largely ignored. It has struggle for almost 40 years for independence and represents one of the greatest tragedy of post-colonial Africa. Today the territory of Western Sahara is ruled over illegally by Morocco. Half the population are segregated under the Moroccan rule, […]

Uniform Civil Code: A Dream Yet To Come True

It’s been over 65 years, and Article 44 still seeks implementation. If at all implemented, what are the changes that will follow? I will restrict myself to the impact it will have on grounds of gender. Will such implementation make a man and woman stand on the same platform? What change will it bring in […]

Shaping Strategic Culture through Social Media

Do states use social media to influence and shape a Strategic Culture among the people, to propagate their ideals and use strategy for national security and interests? Abstract: In 2015, it is now safe to say that Social Media has come to dominate the lives of people, and it affects almost all aspects of our […]

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