Model Indian Governance | Recruitment

INTRODUCTION Model Indian Governance (MIG) is a trailblazing initiative by Alexis Society which replicates the Indian Parliament, its working and proceedings. It simulates committees in the Ministries, Planning Commission and regional bodies under which participants act as delegates to discuss and debate pressing national issues. It laid its roots in 1st International Youth Forum for […]

Indian Economy in 2020

Given India’s ranking as the 12th largest economy in the world, there is much speculation since 2002 of what Indian economy would be at the dawn of two decade mark of the 21st century. It began with the planning commission under the chairmanship of S.P.Gupta submitting the report on ”India Vision 2020” and ever since […]

Role of Women in Governance

Women empowerment is a new phrase in the vocabulary of gender literature. The phrase is used in two broad senses i.e. general and specific. In a general sense, it refers to empowering women to be self-dependent by providing them access to all the freedoms and opportunities, which they were denied in the past only because […]

Sanctity of Life?

Human life is sacred. One of the popular lies that the system has us lapping up. Pretty close to ‘God is omnipresent’, ‘Justice is blind’, ‘Customer is the king’, ‘Election is democratic’ and ‘You can’t escape the hands of the law’. What makes human life so sacred? What makes life so sacred? It certainly isn’t pure, or worshiped or […]

Indian Judiciary – 5 Landmark Cases

From the day India achieved Independence, much has changed in terms of industry, commerce, ideals, morals, politics, outlooks and policies. Yet, what remains at the heart of Indian democracy even after 65 years of freedom is the endeavor to create a just society. It is at the heart of this endeavor that the existence of […]

Feminism or Femi-Nazism?

We live in a nation which mourns the birth of girls. Gender discrimination against a woman starts as soon as her sex is determined. In case she escapes infanticide or feticide, the girl child lives and waits till she is either abducted, killed in the name of honor, gang raped, made a victim of acid […]

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