CSR as an Emerging Approach to Promoting Integrity and Corporate Governance

Introduction “Business has a responsibility beyond its basic responsibility to its shareholders; a responsibility to a broader constituency that includes its key stakeholders: customers, employee, NGOs, government – the people of the communities in which it operates.” – Courtney Pratt, Former CEO Toronto Hydro. Ecology and economy are both derived from the Greek word oikos, which […]

Punitive Policies Vis-À-Vis Societal Reaction

ABSTRACT This paper is analysis of the contemporary problems the Indian society is facing with respect to punitive policies. In the recent past, the Government has carried out the executions of two famous convicts, namely Ajmal Amir Kasab (the Mumbai 26/11 sole surviving terrorist) and that of the 2001 Parliament Attack convict Afzal Guru. As […]

Human Trafficking

A grave offence, trafficking in persons is broadly defined as a type of contemporary slavery comprising the use of violence, force, deception and coercion by traffickers in order to dominate their victims. The existence of the elements of force, violence and coercion espouses that there was no free consent given by the victim.A heinous violation […]

Clothing and equipment guidelines of international sports bodies vis-a-vis religious practices and beliefs of participating athletes

To what extent, if any, should clothing and equipment guidelines of international sports bodies accommodate religious practices and beliefs of participating athletes? In his book “Beyond the pleasure principle”[1] Neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud had studied a two year old boy in Vienna. The mother of the child travelled often and usually, the […]

Can delay in execution of death sentence render it unconstitutional?

Abstract Capital punishment, or the death sentence is a process established by law, as per which a person committing a heinous crime is put to death by the State as a punishment for his act. The motive behind such punishment is the deterrence and retribution of crime in the society. Death sentence in itself is […]

The Political Economy of No-Resistance to Ebola Virus

“You have to love its simplicity. It’s one-billionth our size and it’s beating us.” – Sam Daniels (Dustin Hoffman), Outbreak. There are no borders for a pandemic. It increases, exponentially, so much so as that even thousand miles away one starts asking himself “Am I really safe?” In 1976, the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola […]

Drug trafficking in Latin America

Drug is defined as “a substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication”. A definition like that sounds fine. They include the usual medicines (with prescribed doses) we intake. However, when drug is defined as “a chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen that […]

The Left-wing Government in Greece and the Introduction of a New Currency

Nestled between Yugoslavia and the Mediterranean Sea, marking the south eastern edge of Europe, Greece always had a fascinating history to draw the world’s attention towards itself.  However, today, there’s a new history in the making, a break with the past, a newly emerging political and economic order that has wedged a significant crack on […]

The non-party domain in contemporary politics

Freedom of association is a fundamental right guaranteed to every citizen inhabiting a democracy. It simply implies like-minded individuals walking towards a common target or achievement of a collective goal are legally allowed to band together and let themselves be heard by the very representatives they elect or the formulators that formulate policies they agreed […]

Make In India: The need for appropriate Labour Reforms

The vision for ‘Make in India’ was laid down by Prime Minister Modi, in his Independence day speech in August 2014 and was formally launched in September 2014. The Make in India campaign has been introduced to give a push to India’s manufacturing sector and to create millions of jobs by transforming the country into […]

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