Face-Off: The Rasgulla Battle between West Bengal and Odisha

When our favourite sweet becomes the centre of a controversy, our attention is bound to be wholly devoted to that. The battle between the states of Odisha and West Bengal over the ‘rasgulla’ may signify strong sentimental values people attach to their much loved sweet, it also seems to be a case of a battle […]

Judge – Population Ratio in India: Facts and Figures

There have been Chief Justices in India who have given us rhetorical speeches and there are who have been silent but for the person holding the apex position to leap forward beyond the designated shackles of the aura of that office and to almost shed tears in front of the PM of India points out […]

National IPR Policy: A Brief Overview

The mind is a work of great mystery. Even our own creations baffle us. Sometimes through progressive stages we find the ability to finish what we started, whereas on most occasions, we are left stumped. This so-called ‘dead end’ has been a source of great remorse for entrepreneurs who have desperately tried reaching out to […]

Capital Markets in India: An Overview

In India, from securities to money and money to capital, the whole market is incomplete without Securities Exchange Board of India. It is an entity that governs all the sectors of the market. Capital market is basically, a market for raising huge amount of funds for a longer period of time, which is really risky. […]

Commercial Surrogacy in India

Tusshar Kapoor was all over the news last month for his decision to become a single father through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), a first in Bollywood. While some hailed him for his bold move, his decision also rekindled the age- old debate on commercial surrogacy in India. Commercial surrogacy is the practice whereby a woman […]

The JNU Conundrum

JNU, the acronym of the premier Jawaharlal Nehru University has been the centre of unwanted and despised attention in Indian politics lately. Why is it so? Sections of waylaid students and teachers of this so-called prestigious university have been allegedly found involved in ‘anti-national’ activities by protesting within the precincts of the JNU campus the […]

Third Party Doctrine: A Brief Introduction

Whether the rise of cloud computing has rendered the third party doctrine redundant and whether it calls for revisiting the age-old doctrine to decide its place in today’s digital space is a mod doctrine is a legal principle, enshrined in the Stored Communications Act (SCA) of the United States of America. It states that when […]

Family Courts in India: An Overview

Marital issues and child welfare matters have been threatening the well being of the society since many years now. The number of litigation cases related to the institution of marriage and child security has been on the rise in courts all over India. Due to the mammoth backlog of cases in the Courts in India, […]

Dalit Atrocities and Jurisprudence

“Our outrage is not enough. We must take real and focused action to mend our societies’ dramatic failure to support the rights of people of discriminated classes.”– Navi Pillay India is a culturally diverse nation, composed of numerous languages, religions,  traditions etc. This heterogeneous nature of the society defines India and is its biggest strength. […]

Shale Gas Geopolitics

Abstract Shale gas is the natural gas that is trapped within the shale formations. Shales are fine-grained sedimentary rocks that are considered to be rich sources of petroleum and natural gas. Over the past few years, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing has given access to large volumes of shale gas that were […]

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